Thursday, September 1, 2016

Don't just break bread, Make Bread with Hands on Cooking Team Building Events

While we specialize in corporate team building events in South San Francisco, hosting cooking parties and classes we want to make sure all of our guests feel like they are at home and comfortable making delicious food.  Coming out of the office and into the kitchen should a be fun and festive event.

At Add Thyme we make it easy for you and your team to create great meals while working together.  We help you by taking much of the grunt work out of the way for your cooking experience.  Need a cup of flour, a half cup of brown sugar, three quarters of a cup of oats, a quarter cup of pecans and a quarter teaspoon of salt no need to worry we will have all the ingredients you need out and measured and ready for you to create a tasty recipe.

Unsure of how to slice up a bulb of fennel, no worries we are there to guide you with hands on training to make sure you gain the technique to make yourself more efficient in the kitchen.  This hands on approach lets you and your team feel empowered by what they create.  I say you can often go out to eat and break bread. But when you gather your team and collectively make the bread, it brings out a whole new level of satisfaction and enjoyment.  The teamwork and participation of all to work together on a common goal is made all the better with a hearty and satisfying meal.  

Cooking together helps break down walls and creates a tangable and delicious experience for all involved. Contact us and let's create a good time and tasty event in our South San Francisco kitchen.

Chef Mick Dimas
Add Thyme
Increasing the Flavor of Life