Monday, January 14, 2013

OK OK We'll tell you

The one question almost always asked of us when we tell people we cook for a living they always want to know what places we like to go to eat out in San Francisco.  But we aren't restaurant critics, nor do we want to just make arbitrary lists of our fav places to go in the City, instead we'll share new places that we discover and find worth sharing.  We'll leave distasteful places alone, there is enough of that on other sites.

Anyway, we enjoyed a fantastic meal of Lebanese Cuisine at Mazzat in Hayes Valley.  Bibby our friend and CEO of PTC invited us out and we enjoyed a splendid meal of Mid Eastern delights.

The one starter that knocked our socks off was the Fatet Batinjan, a mix of fried eggplant with a garlic yogurt sauce with the crunchy bite pine nuts and pita croutons.  It was a terrific mix of textures and cinnamon spice.  Make sure you order it if you do.

The other larger dish to order if you go is the Bamia a lamb and tomato stew with okra.  Talk about an umami bomb, the sauce was deep and rich with a savoriness that made my smile.  Not heavy on lamb pieces, it was the perfect topping for the side of jasmine rice it came with to enjoy all the meaty flavor of the sauce.

It is also one of the rare places in SF that doesn't break the bank when going out to dinner.  None of the mains were over $20.  You could also do an option of having nothing but a selection of their hot and cold Mazzat (appetizers) for $18 and go home stuffed and happy without feeling pain in the wallet.

And who knows maybe you'll see the Fatet Batinjan or the Bamia show up on one of our menus for our interactive cooking classes we teach in the San Francisco Bay Area.

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